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    Ukrainian natural resources and minerals: coal, iron ore deposits, mining industry , chemical industry, mineral reserves, largest basins.
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    Transcarpathia encompasses two different natural regions, the Tysa . . . . . The development of the Transcarpathian economy reflected the region's natural resources and . . . . 'Carpatho-Ukraine: A People in Search of Their Identity,' in Essays in . .
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    Ukraine is rich in natural resources, and has a developed economy with significant agricultural and industrial sectors. The country has a democratic form of . . .
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    Land Resources. Ukraine has a great variety of soils. During recent large-scale soil map-making, there were found some 650 types of soil while the total number  . . .
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    Poverty and Inequality: The original Magna Carta had passages referring to natural resources, such as water and fuel. Should governments be forced to provide . . .