Buzz Fest

Yet again we had another amazing time at Buzz Fest, we always love coming out to what we think of as the cutest festival around. There were a ton of fantastic vendors and we were grateful to be able to play for everyone at this event. We would like to send out a huge thank you to everyone that came out and enjoyed this event and supported everyone involved! Local festivals are always a good way of supporting community and experiencing new things and we hope that Buzz Fest will continue to get bigger and better every year as it is such an awesome example of this.

This was only our second year playing here but we are already seeing this festival gaining great traction (even against road closures!) and are looking forward to an even bigger year yet again next year. It was amazing to see people singing a long and dancing to a lot of the songs and we were impressed by just how many people knew and loved them. It is moments like that where we as a band feel like we are doing something really worthwhile, which is to carry on Celtic music and with it, its culture and traditions.


Thanks again to everyone who came out and were involved.


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