Website malfunction, and Pirate Fest, and EML, oh my!

Hello fine folks,

It has been far too long since we have updated our website due to it going down from a server issue, and from being so busy as of late. However here we are back again doing so :). All of us in EML have been having a fantastic time as of late with performances at some pretty unique places, along with several old favorites as well.

The most recent gig we had was Pirate Fest in Guelph, it was our first festival but will not be our last. The musicians, actors and the atmosphere of the event made all of us very happy and we were sad to see it end. We are very glad to have met so many new people and learned a lot from them as well. We would like to thank all the other staff at the event for being so amazing. We walked away with many new friends that we can’t wait to see again.

We would also like to thank everyone who came out to Pirate Fest as it is a great event and something that should be supported and kept running for everyone to enjoy


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