Well St. Patrick’s Day is coming up..

Hello from EML everyone! It has been quite busy for us as of late so we haven’t had much of a chance to update the website in recent days. So here is what has been happening with us.

We have been working hard on organizing more shows for the upcoming months with the potential of a couple of festivals which we are rather excited about. We’ve also been learning a lot more material so for those of you that have been to a few of our shows and plan on coming out to more expect more new music with even more instruments! That’s right we have decided that our trio needed more instrument changes in our line up. With new instruments comes more trivia thus more opportunities to win prizes! Yay! We are also still working on those recordings we keep talking about and hope to have them out to show you all very soon (we promise they exist). Otherwise we still have our regular show at Rebels Rock last Friday of every month and will continue to post all of our concert listings here and on Facebook.

On another note IT’S ALMOST ST. PATRICK’S DAY!! Sorry for seeming over excited about it however as you can imagine for most Celtic bands this is a big deal for us. It has to be one of our favorite holiday’s as everyone becomes Irish and drinks are had all around. This year is our first time playing on St. Patrick’s day and we will be in 2 cities. First in Newmarket at The Sociable Irish Pub then in our home town Brampton at Keenan’s Irish Pub. All in all a very busy night for us and we hope we can see you come out. The Irish feel and drinking music isn’t the only reason why this day is so special to us though. Here is an EML fun fact for you all our band will be turning 2 years old this day! Yes that is correct it was 2 years ago on March 17th that us three girls got together and recorded ourselves playing the first Celtic song we learned together (any guesses on what that may be? Hint: one of us doesn’t like playing it very much anymore)  before heading off to the bar to listen to another awesome band. After that long night was over it was that night that Marla came up with our name on the cab ride home thus EML was officially created.

So come on out and celebrate St. Patrick’s and EML’s birthday with us with drinking and dancing and plenty of Irish fun! Also don’t forget we always love hearing from you so drop us a line here or on our facebook page!


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