Hello everyone, Erin here! I know it has been a while since you’ve heard anything from us but we’ve been very busy with a lot of very exciting things the last little while. Now that I have a moment to spare I figured now would be a good time to update everyone on what we have been up to since the start of this year, and give a few hints on what we will be up to in the future.  First off thank you to all who came out to Rebel’s Rock on New Years. It was a great night and we loved being able to play with one of our all time favorite bands Eclectic Revival. It was a loud, fun, crazy, drunken night with all of you and we feel we are lucky to be able to call the members of ER our friends. On the note of New Years if anyone happens to be at Rebel’s Rock and finds a kick drum pedal let us know as in all the chaos of that awesome night we seem to have lost ours.

The week after that we were in the studio recording with Eclectic Revival which was truly an amazing experience for us. It was our first time in a studio like that and it was amazing being able to record and jam with such great musicians! We cannot wait until we get to hear the finished product and share it with you all. The day after recording we were off to Newmarket to The Sociable Pub for the first time and had a blast. Thank you to all those who came out that we knew and it was great meeting some new faces as well.

Last week we were in our hometown of Brampton at Keenan’s Irish pub and were amazed by the turn out, the place was packed! The audience was great and we even had dancers so prizes were given out. We really love playing there and hope we will be back there soon.

This week we have a show on The Esplande in Toronto at The Amsterdam Bicycle Club. We bought a whole bunch of new equipment today so we can’t wait to give it a try here. There also may be a special guest at this show so if you want to see who it is be sure to be there! Check out our concert listings for more information on that show and future ones if you are trying to figure out where we play next!

Next week we will be back at Rebel’s Rock for the first in a series of EML nights. They will be the last Friday of every month from 9pm to 1am for the next few months. All in all as you can see we have been and will be all over the place. We are hoping this will continue for the foreseeable future as we like nothing more than to play for you all.

We have a few more things in the works right now that are a rather big deal for us but until we have all the details we will keep the news a secret. I can assure you however it is very exciting. For future performances we have several things going on in March (along with St. Patrick’s Day!) and are looking at some festivals in the summer. All in all things are looking very busy this year and we hope to keep it that way.

Finally, if you want to see us play at your event, bar, or know of a bar in your area that you want us to play at let us know. We love hearing from everyone and we always look into any suggestions. Hope to hear from you all and we will be back with more updates asap.

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