Thank you

This may be cliché  but it is very true when we say that we could not be where we are without a few very special peoples support and this post is aimed at thanking them all.

To start with we would like to thank all of our families who put up with hours of rehearsal time in basements and living rooms (usually into the wee hours of the morning), and who come out to our shows on a regular basis. It is our families that have had to put up with us working on one song for 3+ hours at a time just to get it right yet, they still manage to find enthusiasm for us, and our music at our shows.

Next up is Al Bourke, Al is the president of two awesome community bands called The Chinguacousy Concert Band and The Chinguacousy Swing Orchestra. He has done more than we could say to support us. He has been giving us musical and show advice since the beginning, has allowed us to borrow his sound equipment and has been our sound guy on more than one occasion, is the reason we have this site, and has given us the chance to share a stage with his bands on Canada Day at Chinguacousy Park. We really appreciate everything he has done for us and the opportunities he has afforded us and we are lucky to have such a big supporter in him.

Then there are our photographers Jennifer French and Juliana Bellissimo who took time out of their busy schedules to take some great pictures of us.  Without them we would be missing out on the great photo’s they got of us (many of which you will be able to find here and on our Facebook page).

Next is Ryan Colangelo who despite also being very busy on his own has helped us out a lot with our social media pages, and almost exclusively handles our Twitter page (we have yet to figure twitter out).  He is always there with a funny line and new and interesting ways to get people to come out to our shows, while coming out to as many as he possibly can as well. He also a very talented editor and proof reader and managed to make sense of, and correct many of our posts.

In our travels we have also come across bands who have been very influential and helpful to us. The Devils Drink and Eclectic Revival are two of our favorite bands and we really look up to them. We are lucky enough that they have taken us under their wing and befriended us. We  are excited for more and new opportunities to play with these two bands and will always appreciate everything they have done for us from coming out to shows, to helping us get gigs, and for putting on their own amazing shows that we go out to every chance we get.

There is then Kate who is the owner of Rebels Rock Irish Pub, Kate took a chance on us right from the beginning and has been always been there with words of encouragement and advice. She has also been the one who gives us the most consistent ability to play. We love performing at Rebels Rock the staff and clients are always great to us and the atmosphere there is always a good one.

Last but not least is Adam Koopmans who has come out and played with us and on our breaks at quite a few shows now. He is an amazing guitarist and vocalist and when we play together he always adds something great to EML. Can’t wait to have him out to play with us again soon.


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